Difference between Pediatric Dentist and a General Dentist

Are you confused of choosing between pediatric dentist mobile al and a general dentist?? If so, we can help you by telling the difference between them and who can help you the best to treat the teeth.

Many families generally take their children to the pediatrician for their overall health, but only few of them take their kids to pediatric dentists for their oral health. While the general dentist can treat and care for the children, not all are comfortable to treat the special needs of the children though they get trained in the pediatric dentistry. Whereas, the pediatric dentists are specialized in treating the children and they offer several advantages to the kids. Some of the differences between the general dentist and pediatric dentists at mobile bay dentalare given below.


General dentists will hold a bachelor degree along with 4 years of dental school training whereas, the pediatric dentists go beyond in their training i.e., they get two more years of training in dentistry of teens, infants, children and their special needs.

pediatric dentist mobile al

Experience with Children

As pediatric dentists work solely with the children and they will obviously have more experience in treating the children when compared to the general dentists. Pediatric dentists will also have special experience in dealing and talking with the children, their fears and emotions and they also treat the extreme dental cases of the children which is not with the general dentists some times.


Pediatric dentists mainly focus on the preventive procedures or treatments. As children are more prone to the tooth decay due to various problems, they offer various specialized treatments like fluoride treatments, sealants, and space maintainers etcwhich can help solve the teeth problems.They are specially equipped for preventing the problem and not as the general dentists.

These are the main differences between general dentist and a pediatric dentist that can help you choose between the right dentist for your children.