How do you increase your metabolism

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  1. You should stay hydrated. If you are hydrated, the amount of calories you are burning will increase by 2-5%. You need to drink between atleast 8-12 glasses a day.
  2. You need to increase your intake of watermelon. This promotes weight loss as it has amino acid arginine. In addition to watermelon, arginine is also found in seeds, nuts and seafood.
  3. Calcium deficiency decreases the metabolic rate and therefore, when you drink milk which is rich in calcium, the fat absorption will decrease and the metabolism increases.


  1. You need to increase vitamin D levels as this preserves the muscle tissue. This can be found abundantly in tuna, salmon, fortified milk, eggs and in cereal.
  2. Iron is needed to carry oxygen to the muscles and this is where fat is burnt. Therefore, you need to increase your levels of iron in order to increase the energy levels as well as to increase the metabolic rate. This can be found in plenty in beans, spinach, shell fish, lean meat and in beans.
  3. Fat needs to be burnt and this can be achieved by increasing the intake of fiber. Infact those who eat a lot of fiber tend to decrease weight. Fiber makes the individual feel full and satiated as well as it decreases the absorption rates as well as rate of digestion.
  4. Drinking caffeine helps to reduce weight. This is due to the fact that caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and so you burn extra calories.
  5. Eating a healthy breakfast helps to kick start the metabolism and that is why you need to have breakfast to decrease obesity levels.